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Wife loses bet

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Katie made her way up about 5 minutes later and was obviously a little startled that I was still awake.

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When she finished cleaning him off, his dick came out of her mouth with a pop and she gave an audible "mmmm". About a month later we were at her sister's house - it's bt big with two floors plus a finished basement, 4 bedroom, overall just great for parties. Sliding Katie's panties down little by little, I kissed along her leg in front of her crotch, inhaling the scent along the way.

He didn't have long before Katie turned around and aife his cock into her mouth to clean him up, something she hasn't done to me since our dating days. Her hand wrapped around his cock and I could again make out her ring for only a moment before her mouth and the shadows engulfed his cock had me on the verge of blowing my own load. The pregnant woman from the viral video appears to be in grave labor pains, due to the contractions seen in the video.

While their lips were locked, her panting turned into moans in his mouth. Subscribe I bef only imagine what was going through her mind at the time.

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Give me your cum, Scott I want it Your pussy is amazing. I'm gonna cum It was during that position swap when I noticed her purse next losed the couch and a condom wrapper on the floor next to it. I knew exactly what he was feeling, that ecstasy of sinking his bare cock wifd into that amazing tight wet cunt, gripping his dick like a vice and milking it- just begging for his cum. Her skin was still damp from the sweat of her workout. Are you sure I can come inside you?

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Losfs on the pill. Pulling them first to her thighs, then to her knees, and finally ankles before taking her right foot out. She still blows me, but only as foreplay or during periods. She is almost never vocal when having sex, so it was a surprise to hear her start to talk dirty to him.

Wife loses bet with husband and has to wear chewbacca mask during labor [video]

Take that pussy, make me your little slut. At first she didn't answer, so I followed it with "I need you to be honest. Wifee his bare cock throbbing as he came in me. After he finished his thrusting, he slid out of her and sat back to catch his breath.

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Eventually my hands made their way down to her panties and she grabbed my wrists to stop me. Kissing back up her leg, down the back of her thigh then moving to the inner thigh the smell of sex was strong.

We'll call him Scott. She looked confused for a brief moment as I reached up and pulled her in for a deep kiss. I could barely make out their figures, only the looses from the bathroom across the room was enough to show me what was happening. Fuck my married pussy.

She reached back with her hand and I could see her ring glinting again as she pulled her ass cheek to the side to give him better access. She always slept in her underwear but knowing what she had just done made it extra sexy.

She always enjoys sex, but I usually need to finish her off with my hand or mouth. He still had his white socks on, and she had her black panties dangling from her left knee, the one closest to me. Katie: I'll do it Me: do what?

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When I finally got to her pussy and gave it the first lapping, she gave out an "uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh" moan, and immediately grabbed a pillow to cover her mouth. Well, a couple hours later, the impossible happened wwife the Pats came back from at halftime to win. I wasn't on edge like I would normally be because they were getting so blown out.

She seemed at a loss for words, so I broke the ice by sliding my hand to her thigh, slowly working my way up to her crotch. He pulled her off of him and pushed her down over the arm of the couch, facing towards the bathroom light. There was my wife, lying along the couch almost completely naked and getting plowed by another man. Katie had made out with one of the guys there once, years before her and I got together but nothing ever came of it.

I went right right back to our chat convo. He was married so it wouldn't turn into more than sex, and he was practically family so he couldn't go telling anyone about it without het being as bad or worse for him.

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Katie loves to get her nipples lightly pinched during sex and he learned that trick early. At the same time, my fantasy turning into a reality was way beyond what I could have imagined and wufe stomach was wrenching with nerves. I could make out the complete bliss she was feeling in her face.

I'll never lses the image. With her back to me, I could see her slowly lower herself down onto Scott's dick, and I could faintly make it out and as she impaled herself on it.

Scott must have came in buckets as there was an obviously lube to my tongue as it rotated around her clit. I've had a cuckold fetish for as long as I can remember, but despite her slutty past, Katie has never been open to exploring it with me.