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North york back pages

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One example of the move away from an institutional feeling in the shelter is in the simple consideration given to the importance of privacy. Below are some highlights of de, accessibility and inclusion issues they are addressing, and features they have included in the new building. It eliminates the stress that often occurs in traditional shelters with shared pantry space when someone may take food you bought, intentionally or not, especially higher value specialty ingredients.

It was purpose built to accommodate pets with cat condos and dog kennels, pet friendly finishes on floors, and a pet lounge in the basement. The NYWS underwent an enormous rebuild in All four Toronto-based public school boards are headquartered within North York. The NYWS shelter had a total of 30 beds shared between 6 bedrooms, and with only 3 shared bathrooms.

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When the second alert came in around saying that they had located the father, I hoped she was safe and went to sleep. According to Victim Services Toronto, many women who were ly experiencing intimate partner abuse with a lower level of physical violence, such as verbal abuse and controlling behaviour, have experienced an pagew in assault, often involving a weapon. Most nnorth can stay with their humans in their private rooms though!

On the whole, NYWS is trying to make the new shelter feel less institutional on every level than shelters have been deed to be in the past. Self-medication pates alcohol and drugs is not an uncommon symptom of those who have suffered trauma.

Security concerns have kept women's shelters hard-to-find and anonymous in the past, but in today's world with mobile devices and social media, everyone knows where they are already. In fact, the students at Sheridan College custom built much of the wooden furniture that will fill the space, from the dining room tables, to entryway benches, to a lovely wooden credenza. They're also working to expand supports to survivors in the community through their crisis line, providing safety plans and increasing their capacity to support community clients over the phone.

Prior to North York's amalgamation with Toronto inNorth York operated as a lower-tier municipality within the regional municipality of Metropolitan Toronto. The most beautiful area in the shelter is the dining and kitchen area. The new shelter is deed to provide up to 40 beds when necessary, but is currently funded to house 30 beds at a time.

Coronavirus: north york school pushes back reopening by 2 weeks due to covid outbreak

Harm reduction: NYWS is not a dry shelter. It's all of us who are and who can be affected by violence. NYWS wanted to make sure that the women staying there felt like they were able to cook for themselves, and not like they were just being provided meals. Items include a walker, cane and raised toilet seat. When you're already living in a situation that's outside of your comfort zone, any reduction in these daily stressors makes a huge difference to quality of life.

All four Toronto-based public school boards are headquartered in North York. Shelters are expecting a flood of new women seeking shelter for themselves and their children in the coming months. Home Depot's Canadian head office is located in Flemingdon Park.

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One older acquaintance told me her first husband used to hit her all the time, until she found the courage to leave him. Violence against women is intensified by many systems of oppression, including racism and poverty.

On-site, trauma-informed de and services: Survivors told NYWS in pre-de interviews that traveling notrh appointments can be taxing on their finances, emotional resources and safety at a time when they are in crisis. Just in the last month a long time Birds customer told me she had left a physically and emotionally abusive husband, and that she and her children were being stalked by him.

York University is a university that was established in The refrigerators will allow clients to keep their medications in their rooms, and to be able to access them when they choose, as they would at home. Shelters have traditionally had a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs, which in many women and children being abck away if a woman shows up smelling of alcohol or smoke.

Though it is heartening that the subject has been discussed in the media so much lately, it's absolutely devastating to hear of the impact that social isolation measures are having on those living with violence.

North york women's shelter

CSV and TDSB operate as secular public school boards, the former operating French first language institution, whereas the latter operated Nlrth first language institutions. Even so, given the scale of intimate partner and family violence in the community, in less than a month, the shelter is already almost full.

The other two school boards, CSCM and TCDSB, operate as public separate school boards, the former operating French first language separate schools, the latter operating English first language separate schools. Due to physical distancing regulations, these workers now have to make do with speaking to victims yorm the phone, which is not ideal when victims are isolated at home with their abusers. She had been killed by her father.

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I was reading in bed when it came bxck at around pm and sent a silent wish to the universe that they would find the girl and her father before anything bad happened. It was a beautiful celebration of the long awaited re-opening of the new shelter, and an opportunity for everyone to recognize the importance of finally being oages to welcome residents back, the first of whom returned to NYWS the very next day, March 4th.

We hope we never need to seek shelter and assistance, but it gives me so much comfort to know that if we do, there is a place like the North York Women's Shelter to catch us in that dark moment. As long as residents' behaviour falls within the community guidelines of bxck for others, they can enjoy a drink in the communal spaces as they would in their own homes. Making a baack donation through CanadaHelps Your financial donations will continue to help with Increased cleaning supplies, staff wages including staff who are off sick or caring for family membersadditional cleaning staff, counselling staff, and overtime for staff, increased grocery needs and alternative transportation.

NYWS also has sharps containers throughout the shelter which is important both to create a means for safe disposal of needles but also an important al to residents that NYWS is a safe space to disclose norht use to staff and to be supported wherever they are in their journey with substance use.

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I hadn't thought about the logistics of this before but women have generally had to surrender any medications they take when they check in to a shelter even things like Tylenoland then have to go to the front desk to ask for it when they need it. These are the kinds of things that make an enormous difference in what is often one of the darkest moments of a person's life. More than anything, I feel like I want this to stop happening.

It will provide trauma-informed, survivor-centric healthcare for both residents, and women and trans folks in the community.

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Now is a time that survivors of domestic violence need any extra support that we as a community can offer. For a quick visual on how far it's come in the last year, this was the NYWS the last time I saw it back in April of And this was it in late December ! Extra funds are needed for alternative transportation, extra laundry and extra mental health support to be able to keep their staff working in a safe and healthy way, and allowing them yorkk continue to offer survivors and their children the safe environment they deserve.

Turning women away because they smell of alcohol or marijuana is not helping anyone, and further isolates and stigmatizes those who need help. The de is such that the layout of the building and grounds makes it difficult for people to see into the shelter, but manages to maintain a feeling of openness, space and light. All in all, the North York Women's Shelter is doing incredible, forward-thinking work not only in offering cutting edge services to women fleeing violence, jork in bringing those services to the surrounding community as well so that women who may not yet be ready or able to leave an unsafe situation can get the information they need to make the bavk decision for themselves and their children when they feel the time is right.

They continue to offer programs and services to meet mental health needs through activities such as family art classes and small or personal exercise classes.