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Loves enduring promise trailer

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the fun in this comical retelling of the battle between the nation of Israel and the mighty army of Jericho!

Chaînes à la une

This is mostly Missy's story, though - the 9-year-old daughter from the first film. And she's played by January Jones, which strikes me now as pretty dumb casting, but I mean, Jones was very young here and didn't have Mad Men baggage.

Edit Storyline Devout, wild west farmer, Clark Davis, works his tail off to provide for his wife, sons Aaron and Arnie, and daughter Missie. Willie did not have a younger brother named Mattie in the novel.

Love's enduring promise #2

Enjoy Janette Oke's saga of the Davis family as they find love and build strong families on the American Prairies. Welcome to the Holy Land: the land of promise!

He would have bled to death if wandering youngster Nate hadn't found them, brought them home and taken care of the farm, way above the kids' ability. When his doted upon, equally devoted oldest son Aaron is startled, Clark, who was chopping firewood, accidentally hits his leg with an ax. Clark and Marty have a daughter, Elvira "Ellie", and another son, Luke, who are not shown in the film.

Great acting, drama and high quality HD film! Grateful Clark offers Nate an indefinite farmhand job, all the more interesting as Missy and he take to each other, but she's also courted by classy railroad surveyor. Written by anonymous.

Love's enduring promise

Tessie and Nathan are not mentioned in the film. Once recovered, Clark realizes Nate is really Willie, the son of local grump, Zeke, who left years ago after his kid brother Mattie's tragical death.

His mother and sister die. And I was actually interested to see more of Marty and Clark's story, even though the first movie tied it off pretty nicely.

looves Missie and Grailer are closer together in age than they are depicted in the film. Even so, it's enjoyable to watch. The Musical That Changed the World! Though Ellie isn't seen or mentioned in some of the other films in the original series, she is shown as a character with her brother Aaron in the film Love's Christmas Journey In the book, Missie only courted Ben and Ma Graham's son before Willie LaHaye.

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Some of the trailet in the film were not directly from the book. Also a great message to show us that God does provide. To look at who the person is and not what they have but what they have to offer. Great story and message on true love and what to look for in a future spouse. We need to learn to forgive ourselves as well as others. Decision time arrives for both families.

Two exciting animated stories for your kids and the whole family. Brian Murphy Differences from the novel[ edit ] This book picks up three years after Love Comes Softlywith Missie being 5 years old, Clare Aaron in the film being 3, and Arnie being born in the third chapter. It's now ten years later, and Missy is a schoolteacher using those reading skills she learned from Marty in the first film in the community's one-room schoolhouse.

Unlike the music in the first movie, though, the running music in this one, and ones to follow, is too constant, obvious, at times even too loud, and therefore gets in the way, not giving the actors enough of a chance to emote and say some things on their own. Great story and message about forgiveness. The book takes them up to Missie's teen years.

Many other characters mentioned in the book are not mentioned in the film, such as Nandry and Clae Larson.