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Rivera has also ly taken up roles as a Jungler and Coach with Team Liquid. Girlfriend There are rumors that Rivera is romantically involved with Girlfriens.

xominate His accomplishments at major eSports tournaments and success with streaming have seen Christian Rivera establish himself among the key figures in the gaming industry. Ultimately, Rivera was not too concerned about the loss of the Twitch as his main remained intact.

Who is iwilldominate?

His favorite champion in League of Legends is Shaco. Why did IWillDominate retire?

During college, Rivera started to play League of Legends, one of the largest esports in terms of both player base and viewership for many years. Rivera also played traditional sports including basketball and tennis but eventually opted to focus on eSports.

Iwilldominate (christian rivera) – net worth, bio, girlfriend, twitch, youtube, ban

Rivera usually streams daily from around to UTC. In December ofChristian was suspended from LoL for one year due to toxic behavior. Currently, Rivera streams on Twitch for Team Liquid.

The League of Legends tribunal took the action following his unsportsmanlike behaviour. Growing up, his love for gaming was sparked by Nintendo games including Donkey Kong and Super Mario before he moved on to real-time strategy games such as Warcraft III.

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Although Christian Rivera retired as a professional gamer inhe stills makes money from the streams on Twitch where his channel is one of the most popular. If you are good enough and you practice hard enough, you can get to the top. IWillDominate was in a relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Fasffy. He was robbed at gunpoint alongside his friend Aaron Kurz while studying at the same institution.

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Image: Instagram. Cryptic posts from IWillDominate and Fasffy later sparked reports of their break up. He currently streams on Twitch full-time for Team Liquid and, as of Octoberhad amassed overfollowers. AsChristian was obsessed with video games, particularly with Donkey Kong a series of video games featuring the adventures of a gorilla character and Super Dkminate.

He has garnered over 52 million video views on the gaming streaming platform. Later that year, he announced he would be the jungler for Curse Gaming. His channel is listed as the 7 most-watched English LoL channel. The pair ly posted photos on social media spending time together. Who is IWillDominate? He, however, stayed on with Girlfrriend Liquid serving as a positional coach and as wiol substitute for Team Liquid Academy. He later described the attempt to do a hour stream on a bought as an experiment to find out what action LoL publisher Riot Games would take.


In Septemberthe has risen to million. Christian Rivera's family moved to Miami, Florida when he was five years old. IWillDominate dropped out of college after his sophomore year to for Complexity K. On July 7,Christian announced that he is taking a break from competitive play.

Profile summary

Note — although Rivera had been banned from the game, the streamer was still able to compete in other events. On August 31sta Twitch bought by Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera was banned in the 18th hour of a hour LoL stream by the former pro for going against the platform's Terms of Use which state that a player 'can't sell, transfer or allow any other person to access your or credentials'.

He, however, stayed on with Team Liquid acting as a positional coach and substitute. In Decemberhe created an called iwilldominate on Twitch TV where he streams different games.

We delve into IWillDominate's biography, career and controversial moments revealing facts you may not know about the streamer. Before the permanent ban was issued, the pro-gamer had been brought before the Tribunal nine times and punished eight times. As ofIWillDominate age is 29 years. While he currently focuses on streaming, his boasts of playing for girpfriend Gaming, Team Dignitas and Team Curse. Rivera's channel is ranked as the 7th most-watched English language League of Legends channel girlftiend Twitch.

Soon, Dardoch was recognized as one of the best rookies in North America. Although he enjoyed video games so much, its not always fun and has endured his own iwll of disappointments and challenges. Other famous League wilp Legends players are:. The channel currently has oversubscribers and more than million views.

He has overfollowers on the platform. For example, in Januarymore than 67 million people played LoL per month. Rivera is currently single. Who is IWillDominate's girlfriend? From his social media, he makes money from sponsors and.

He has just purchased a new League of Legends. With more than half a million followers on the platform and a YouTube channel that has oversubscribers, it is clear that the video gamer is raking in good money. Twitch Christian girltriend streams on Twitch for multiple hours at a time and has an average of 5, viewers. At the same time, he was playing on competitive tournaments.

Iwilldominate christian rivera height, girlfriend breakup, twitch ban, net worth

Team Liquid Based in the Netherlands, TL is a multi-regional professional esports organization which was founded in According to Riot Games, the reason for the ban was suspicious activity. IWillDominate is a popular figure in the world of eSports, with thousands following him on various platforms to keep up with his exploits of video games.

Why was IWDominate banned?