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John of the Weyburn Police Service. Seeing as how she is generally okay around others, at the very least, i would like to go ahead and assume a little that maybe the SKBlitz staff needs to take a chill pill and calm the fuck down.

Apparently not many of the current staff have any morals. It's all behind closed doors. According to police, the women use websites like Reginaback.

Shane St. For the record, even if she had been rude to the staff themselves in a way much more rude than what i just was, they STILL didn't have a right to escort her off the premises, after she had already paid for a table. We don't see that at all.

Having seen her work before, and getting along amicably with other people i might add, i have no reason to agree with the staff of SKBlitz on how things went down. Despite knowing when and where these women will be, criminal charges are difficult to pursue. Any that do, need to start showing theirs and standing up against the SKBlitz staff who are acting like absolute fucking dipshits.

But changing legislation and Bill C create a challenge for law enforcement. What they DID have a right to do, was refuse to let her in the next year, but only if she was actually as harassing as they claim she was.

Police say it's the crime that accompanies prostitution that actually has the biggest impact on communities. The force is in the midst of creating a drug and intelligence unit to deal directly with drug activity and gather information on organized crime, including prostitution.