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Define kindhearted

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If you want an expression without a hyphen you can say, This man has a kind heart. Random Word kindhearted If you're kindhearted, you're a considerate and empathetic person. The giraffe is long-necked less common, but requires a hyphen anyway. On the other hand, a "freshly painted bench" doesn't require a hyphen because "freshly", being an adverb, cannot be applicable to "bench" and there is no ambiguity but I wouldn't see it as wrong to put a hyphen.

Tales from Dickens Charles Dickens and Hallie Erminie Rives And though she did not like his looks, the gentlemans wife was too kind-hearted to drive him away. Relating to or being vibrations, especially musical tones, produced in one body by energy from a nearby vibrating body and having the same frequency as the vibration of the nearby body.

When someone loses their home in a fire, their kindhearted neighbors will pitch in to help them. But "kind-hearted" always requires a hyphen.

Morley They were not ashamed of their tears,—these kind-hearted, gentle Acadiens. Likewise, "a used book store" would be a used store that sells books.

When we put "kind heart" before "man", we change it, using a false participle hearted and this requires a hyphen. Rose Charlitte Marshall Saunders She had loyally adopted Char's prejudice, but was too kind-hearted not to try furtively to make up for it.

It's kindhearted to welcome new people to your community, to give money to someone who needs it, or to offer your subway seat to someone who looks tired. Little Mitchell Margaret W. Your very favorite people are probably the ones who are most kindhearted.

A "chicken soup fanatic" would be a chicken who is a fanatic about soup. This is a kind-hearted man.

The giraffe is a long-necked animal. The giraffe has a long edfine. In the other examples we have seen that the adverbs "fully" and "badly" don't require the hyphen.

In this you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for kindhearted, like: merciful, altruistic, humane, benign, good, compassionate, generous, kind, beneficent, benevolent and benignant. Kindhearted is almost a synonym of kind, but it implies an even deeper layer of sympathy and compassion.

This man is kind hearted. A truly kindhearted reaction to seeing someone who's lost or in trouble is to stop and help them. No hyphen As the others have said, the second example is wrong.