When will be Bitcoin bullish again?

We have the quietest period since the beginning of the year on the crypto market. It is a natural reaction to the previous period. We have had 6 months of bear market, a chaos period and very significant changes in the course. It was a challenging period.

Everything always just needs time, and patience. At this time, the emotions are greatly weakened, the interest in cryptocurrencies has also stabilized, long time hodlers will not sell and speculators and other buyers will be waiting for a lower price and a signal to buy. Some, on the other hand, like to buy expensive, so they will definitely wait for BTC to attack new ATH somewhere at 30k — 50k USD. We have seen this already in December 2013, in December 2017, and we do not see why this should not be the case again in 2021. People are sheep.

In this story, we would just like to point out the phase of calm that we were wishing for so long and is necessary for a gradual turn of the trend. So far, it is a short time. We would need 3 to 6 months of stable course, a totally boring period when nothing happens, or ideally the price is slowly growing. Afterwards, we are glad to enter the crypto market all-in again, do not care about the 10% fluctuation and look forward to another bubble. See 2015–2017. We believe that patience pays off.