Does Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a future?

Does Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a future?

Some believe that cryptocurrencies will once replace regular money. On the other hand, some believe that the cryptocurrencies will gradually disappear. Opinions are different. At this time, nobody can safely determine its future. And maybe it does not even matter at all.

Cryptocurrencies are a modern online gambling.
Most people we met with regard to cryptocurrency investment are not interested in the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies, but only in the possibility of evaluation of their investment and getting rich, even though they are aware of a high risk. This is typical for hazard. Many people (and perhaps most) are investing in cryptocurrencies just for this reason. They buy a cryptocurrency and hope they will be lucky.

People love gambling, they love to buy a dream for a better future. People are willing to spend billions of dollars for lotteries, casinos, and other gambling, and yet the chances of winning are minimal.

In many ways cryptocurrencies are different. This is not a classic win or loss, but a magical multiplying of your investment over a short period of time. Multiplication of an investment that no other stock or commodity offers. Cryptocurrencies are also global and relatively accessible for everyone. We have billions of potential holders here.

In the light of this situation, we already believed in 2014 that another big bubble will come in the future, regardless of the real use of cryptocurrencies, and that more and more holders will be added to this game. For the same reason, we believe in it today. We estimate that the next bubble will peak in December 2021 (again after 4 years) and at that time BTC will be traded over $100,000 and LTC over $1,000. Again, this phenomenon will lure many new sheep that will also want to get rich. We cannot imagine it would be different.

We already know a lot of people who want to be in crypto market this year or buy again after last sale. All over the world, it must be a big package of money. The drop of the course from the beginning of the year does not mean that the cryptocurrencies end and that interest is falling. On the contrary, the interest rate is growing, and the current slump is only a natural development and correction in the long-term growth we have been having since 2009. Once the significant decline will stabilize, many current and new investors will come back, which will start long-term growth again.

Cryptocurrencies have a future.