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Alt erotic stories I Searching Horny People

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Alt erotic stories

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Moderated Archive An archive of all the stories posted to the Alt.

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For instructions on using the search engine, click the Instructions label below. Maybe for a greater sense of community, maybe to get some feedback, or maybe because it's the only place they can tell the world what they did. You agree that the files obtained from ASSTR are for your own personal use and that you will not redistribute them to persons including, but not limited to, minors. We currently index works! I also particularly storiea historical stories. Searches using quotes may take a great deal of time, so please be patient.

All materials, messages, and other communications contained at ASSTR are intended storise distribution exclusively to consenting adults in locations where such materials, messages and other communications do not violate any community standards or any federal, state or local law or regulation of the United States or any other country. Check out some of the banners and text links below our story listings and you'll see that are plenty of HOT Sex Stories available!

This engine was researched and developed entirely by the ASSTR programming team, and in doing so we've created an engine that's customized just for ASSTR that offers the fastest, most comprehensive engine possible. All sex stories stoires use on alt. Just below you'll find two groups of links. All of these erotic stories are for adults only.

The other is our Author Collections of stories. Persons under twenty-one years of age and persons who may be offended by such depictions may not directly or indirectly download, acquire, erottic, read, listen to, or possess any photograph, video file, sound file, textual material, advertisement, or other communication, message or other content at, in, or through Alt. Enjoy reading some of the great stories these writers have sent us and check out some of the "Best of the Net" links we've collected for you.

When I find the time, this will be supplemented by similar archives of adult romance and historical stories. Erotic Stories - Erotica Erotic Fiction - Sex Stories This site is devoted to publishing any and all kinds of sex stories contributed by our readers.


The administration is very proud to host the collections of many of the finest erotic literature collectors around. I'm also presently working on my own first story. Your mileage may vary. The storiea was last reindexed on to ensure up to date. Stogies own preference is for long, serious, romantic MF stories with intelligent characters. Use a minus to indicate words you don't want in your. There are no banners, AVS, blind-links, pop-ups, or other gimicks deed to pick your pocket.

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Or use this link to our Writer Guidelines to find out how to submit stories to us via. I have a "scholarly" approach to the groups, which makes me better suited to documentary and archival work, rather than writing per se. The stories we're looking for are similar to those posted in the newsgroup alt. If you want to find stories with the word tuna but tsories fish, query for tuna efotic. Moderated archive, MCStories.

If you have a story, or several stories, that you'd like to share with others, we invite you to send them to us.

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We have a lot of sex stories here for you and there are also many, many other erotic stories at the sites that sponsor this free adult fiction site. A word with no special flags is treated by default as having a plus eroitc front of it.

Feel free to let the authors know what you think of their stories, and drop a note to us at our address storiew let us know what you like best and want to of. All sex stories on this site involve characters over By proceeding any further you accept all the terms and conditions set forth in the ASSTR terms and conditions agreement.

Each writer has their own reason, but etotic matter the reason, we're always erotci to get new stories sent to us so we can add them here for you. If you are under the age of twenty-one years or are offended by such materials, you are not authorized to download any materials from ASSTR and any and all such downloading shall constitute intentional infringement of the copyright owner's rights in such materials.

The sex stories on this site are not for redistrictuion without permission of the sex stories copyright holder.


All materials, messages, and other communications available at ASSTR are for the private use and enjoyment of its authorized visitors only; any resale or other use of any kind is strictly forbidden except stoies explicitly permitted. Feel free to send your stories to us at any time and we'll let you know when we receive them. Everything here has been sent to us because someone wanted to share their story with others.

The engine also supports the use of quotation marks to search for consecutive words ie phrases.

Erotic stories

With that creative wealth, however, is a frequent disregard for both the past and future of the groups - the former in the common erktic of older stories, and the latter in the few attempts made to preserve this material for later internet users. You can click this link to go to our online Story Submission Form.

Because of the numerous search options available, the options are now tabbed. The first group is sex stories indexed by major subject. Like Google's search, you can optionally use plusses to storiies words you require in the. The sex stories and free erotic stories inside are C to their respective authors and copyright holders.

Alt sex stories - sex stories

If you are a collector who To view the tab for an option, simply click its name next to the arrow. Stories Hierachy.

Sex stories are good for you. For example, to find all stories containing the words "pizza", "lesbian", and "dog" just type in pizza lesbian dog and click search. A more web-friendly list is also available.

If you're looking for a good story, the storiee listed here are top picks among some readers who know excellent erotic literature when they read it.