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Le chirurgien-dentiste face au cancer. Nutr Res ;29 8 Alcohol-related diseases of the mouth and throat.

Prevalence of oral lesions in relation to habits: Cross-sectional study in South India. A single sip of a strong alcoholic beverage causes exposure to carcinogenic concentrations of acetaldehyde in the oral cavity.

Lamnay : Editions Larousse, Poor dental status increases acetaldehyde production from ethanol in saliva: a possible link to increased oral cancer risk among heavy drinkers. Pol Merkur Lekarski ;30 Forensic medical diagnostics of chronic alcoholic intoxication based on histological changes in the soft tissues of oral cavity and salivary glands. Clin Lab Med ;20 3 Nutrition ;15 Wine, beer and acool and risk of oral and pharyngeal cancer: a case of control study from Italy and Switzerland.

AC3P-Pred, Br J Cancer ;85 11 Int J Cancer ; 5 In the provinces, the MILDECA runs and supports efforts carried out by its partners in the public sector in all areas relative to the fight against drugs and drug addiction. Role of the endocannabinoid system in ethanolinduced inhibition of salivary secretion.

Paris : Edition INC, Photomed Laser Surg ;28 Suppl 2:S Relationships between nutrition, alcohol use, and liver disease. J Prosthodont ;18 6 Dental erosion in alcoholic patients under addiction rehabilitation therapy. Enamel susceptibility drobue coffee and red wine staining at different intervals elapsed from bleaching: a photoreflectance spectrophotometry analysis.

Study in rats. Effects of alcohol and tabaco on aerodigestive cancer risks: a meta regression analysis. Finally, the budget provides the departmental project managers with the means they need to carry through their policies to combat drugs out in the field.

Harmful lifestyles on orthopaedic implantation surgery: a descriptive review on alcohol and tobacco use. Int J Cancer ;43 2 Premalignant disorders and cancer of the oral mucosa. Int J Dent ; Tooth decay in alcohol and tobacco abusers.

Smoking and drinking in relation to oral and pharyngeal cancer. Effect of an alcoholic diet on dental caries and on Streptococcus of the mutans group.

CDP, Coll. Salivary stress markers, stress, and periodontitis: a pilot study.

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Pathol Biol ;49 9 Risk factors for low bone mass-related fractures in men: a drlgue review and meta-analysis. Cytopathology ;18 6 Kit de secours pour alcoolique.

J Investig Clin Dent ;3 2 The relationship between alcohol consumption and oral malodour. Short-term salivary acetaldehyde increase due to direct exposure to alcoholic beverages as an additional cancer risk factor beyond ethanol metabolism.